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Designer Splashbacks Kitchen Splashbacks Uk Designer Splashbacks for Kitchens in Uk Designer Kitchen Splashbacks Designer Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks UKFor the Sink

No more nasty soap stains on the wall and surroundings. A safe clean alternative to tiles with no grout lines to go mouldy or discolour. Easy to clean and to keep clean, with a difficult environment for bacteria to grow as it is so easily wiped clean in seconds. We can make it in any beautiful colour of your choice by providing glass kitchen splashbacks in UK.

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Printed Splashback Kitchen ParrotsFor around the Cooker

A bright and beautiful addition to your kitchen, from which splashes of food and grease can simply be wiped away. No more worries about woks and frying pans spitting oil and grease on the wall. A safe hygienic surface that is easy to clean but will look good for years and years. Add a WOW factor to your kitchen with designer glass splashbacks for kitchens in any colour of your choice made especially for you. Your Splashbacks will be unique - made just for you.

We can even provide Custom Printed Glass to your own pattern.

For more information please Contact Us or Phone 01580 389422

For Other Areas

On any wall or surface, we can fix our Coloured Glass Splashbacks in place. Easy to clean and hygienic: how about behind the bin (an area often splashed and stained), on the front of a breakfast bar, in utility rooms, and above all the work surfaces in a kitchen; on the wall in hallways where little hands and feet can make a mess of the wall; and even up the side of the stairs; in fact anywhere you can imagine. We have provided headboards for beds and bath panels for baths. Anywhere you would like a wipe clean colourful surface. You can create a feature panel to compliment your colour-scheme, or we can color-match the existing colour of your walls*.

For more information please Contact Us or Phone 01580 389422


*limitations apply