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Bespoke Installing Glass Splashbacks in Kent and London

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Counter fronts, Breakfast bar fronts, Wall cladding, Shower walls, Bath Panels or any where else you can imagine.

Warning: There are a number of companies claiming to be Splashback specialist installers. Please be wary of any internet company, who does not give their full address. Also be wary of companies that only provide an 07 mobile number. An email address and 0800 telephone number tells you nothing about a company.

Installing Glass Splashbacks

All the other companies that this customer contacted,
said a piece of Glass this shape could not be done.

DG Splashbacks can be made to almost any size and to any colour with our Colour match service. We only use 6mm Glass which is nearly all Toughened Safety and Heat resistant Glass, Toughened to BS6206 Class A (there are limits on the smallest size that can be Toughened). We use Low Iron Glass for better optical clarity and colour. 6mm Toughened Float Glass can also be used to give subtle shades of minty white. The back of the Glass is then Sprayed with a two part paint, specialy developed to adhere to the glass.

A Coloured Glass Splashback is the finishing touch to your new Kitchen, but it can also completely revamp your old kitchen. They are easy to keep clean, are durable, smooth, shiny and very reflective, they really open a room up and will last for many many years.

Also available is the use of Back Painted Glass, for the walls in Bathrooms and Shower Cubicles. This eliminates the need for Tiling and means no more discoloured Grout and leaks through the gaps in the tiles. We can even provide Custom Printed Glass to your own pattern.

Worktops for Bathrooms and Kitchens in 10mm or 19mm with cut outs for Basins, Hobs & Sinks. Again in any Colour. All the glass has Polished and finished edges.

Please email or telephone 01580 389422 with the approximate sizes of your splashbacks (to the nearest 2.5cm is fine), to installing Glass splashbacks describe any shapes such as upside down "T" shapes for under the extractor hood, how many plug socket / switch cut outs you have, as well as the first part of your post code, we will then give you a very accurate quotation.

We have no high pressure salesmen, just skilled craftsmen to answer your questions or give you advice. Our aim is to make your Splashback requirements a pleasure from order to installation. Our family run Business relies on you for custom, we never forget that.

Office open 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.. Emails will be answered until 10 p.m. in the evening most nights and 7 days a week.

For a free no obligation quotation, please contact us today.